Product Category Module for Divi and WooCommerce

Use the Products Categories module to create and style out-of-the-box products categories very creatively. Apply different layouts; show category information; add different backgrounds, and more to make them look engaging and stylish for a modern Divi eCommerce store.

Change the Way How Products Categories Look

The WooCommerce Products Categories module allows you to change & customize product categories look in Divi with simple and effective options. For example, showcase categories with products counts, engaging thumbnails, titles, and much more.

Display Theme Different & Good!

Multiple Ways to Display Products Categories

Enhance the product categories’ view immensely with multiple layouts and highly customizable options. Display single or multiple categories together; change no. of columns, thumbnail size; enable masonry style and many more engaging ways to create a long-lasting impression about a specific category or categories.

Divi Product Category Page

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