WooCommerce Ajax Search Module For Divi

Allow website visitors and customers to search around the store about products in a fast and elegant manner. Using the WooCommerce Ajax Search module for Divi, you can add a highly efficient search bar that provides results at the same time when users type the query. They don’t even have to blink.

Enhance Products Search With Optimized Layouts

When you get Divi WooCommerce Extended, you receive pre-built search layouts for the Ajax Search module for product search. These layouts display search results with organized products in a beautiful grid with elements like pagination, product title, price, thumbnail, and more. This enables you to quickly set up your products search with efficiency and style.

Divi WooCommerce Ajax Search Layout 1

Layout 1

Try this: kids
Divi WooCommerce Ajax Search Layout 2

Layout 2

Try this: watch
Divi WooCommerce Ajax Search Layout 3

Layout 3

Try this: fashion

Search Storewide with ease

Instant Product Search Without Loading Page

The module is developed to provide rich search results; therefore, to make this possible, it allows you to run the user query in up to 8 search areas that are Title, Content, Excerpt, Categories, Tags, Custom Taxonomies, Attributes, and SKU. You can choose to run the search in all the areas or select ones. In addition to these, the module comes with customization options that allow you to change Placeholder text, search result number, order, and much more.

Divi WooCommerce Ajax Search

Design your search field as you want

Try these: kids, watch, fashion

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