Divi WooCommerce Wishlist Manager

The Wishlist Manager makes it possible to add the Wishlist functionality to a Divi digital store. This helps website owners to show a Wishlist Icon, using which users can save items for later. It also includes a module to create a full-fledged custom page to showcase Wishlist products.

Customize Wishlist Icon to the Fullest

Display Wishlist Icon on Products – Everywhere

Using the Wishlist Manager, you can display the Wishlist Icon on product pages as well as product loops such as Shop, Category and more. The settings allow you to place the Wishlist Icon or Text or both Text and Icon in different positions – After Add to Cart, Before Add to Cart or On Product Image. Furthermore, you can decide whether it should be displayed for Logged In Users only or for Everyone. You can also change the Button Text and Notification as per your requirement.
Divi Wishlist for WooCommerce
Wishlist Manager for WooCommerce and Divi
Wishlist Module for Custom Wishlist Page

Showcase Wishlisted Products Beautifully

With the Wishlist Button functionality, you also get a module to design custom pages for Wishlisted products. Using the module, you can limit how many products to display. Showcase price and Add to Cart button. Change the number of columns up to 5; apply masonry layout, and so much more to make the user experience unforgettable while they explore their saved items.

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