Divi WooCommerce Modules and Extensions For Divi Page Builder

Simple yet powerful Divi WooCommerce plugin to take your online store next level.

Divi WooCommerce Extended

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Divi WooCommerce Extended

Helping Businesses Make a Remarkable eCommerce Presence

Whether your business deals with consumer products or services, if you’re doing it online or planning to, and with Divi & WooCommerce, then the Divi WooCommerce Extended plugin is the solution to do it in the best way. Even many big to small organizations are doing it already. Remarkable presence, remarkable business.

Divi WooCommerce Modules

Divi Modules For WooCommerce

The plugin hosts several powerful modules for WooCommerce to simplify the shop building experience to the peak that will leave everyone in awe.

Divi WooCommerce Modules

Divi Extensions For WooCommerce

With different modules, you also get the highly functional WooCommerce extension that exceptionally boosts the entire store’s performance.


Divi Modules For WooCommerce

Divi Mini Cart Module

Cart Access Made Easy with Mini Cart

Save customers from the trouble of revisiting the cart page repeatedly to view products added to the cart. Instead, use the Mini Cart module to add a mini cart that shows carted products from anywhere on the site. Plus, you could do a lot of customizations with your Mini Cart to make it more functional and exciting.

Divi Mini Cart
Divi WooCommerce Product Carousel

Divi Product Carousel Module

Easily Create Products Carousel

Make your products look super interesting by using the Product Carousel module. If you want to create related products sliders, popular products sliders, or any slider that needs products, this is the module you need to get familiar with. Slide, show, and sail the business smoothly with Products Carousel.

Divi WooCommerce Product Module

Display Products in Stylish Grid and Masonry Layout

Regardless of your online shop’s business domain, it deserves the best and intriguing shops that motivate users to come repeatedly. The Products Grid module helps you achieve that easily by displaying products in beautiful grids up to 6 columns. You can create modern shop pages supporting Quick view; Multiple Layouts, Products Types; Add to Cart On-hover, and much more.
Divi Woocommerce Modules
Divi WooCommerce Module

Divi WooCommerce Products Categories Module

Display Product Categories in Grid View

Whether you want to highlight multiple products of a single category to create a featured section, like “Winter Collection.” Or showcase all the categories (/tags) on a single page; the Products Categories module enables you to do that quickly with unique and elegant layouts.

Divi Woo Ajax Search Module

Make Your Store Accessible to Users

Use the Ajax Search module for WooCommerce to enhance your Divi store’s functionality to search for a product. It adds a beautiful search bar that provides customers with refined results on the store right when they type the query. You can choose to set what to display, where to search (Title, Information), apply looks customizations, and a lot more.
Divi Ajax Search for WooCommerce
Divi WooCommerce Module
Products Accordion Module

Smooth Accordions for Creative Product Showcase

Display products in engaging accordions that display complete details of the product on click or hover. Use vertical or horizontal accordion layouts with customized product elements such as title, description, rating, price, sale badge, add to cart button, and more. With content animation, text themes, content alignments, and other style options, improve accordions working as well as their look and feel.
Product Gallery Module

Boost Products Exposure Using Mesmerizing Galleries

Improve products showcase and engagement on your Divi WooCommerce store using the Products Gallery module. It enables you to create optimized galleries on single product pages and custom pages with products’ images, the latest products, product albums, and other specific products. Use masonry layout and separate images with multiple columns and spacing.
Divi Ajax Search for WooCommerce

A Power Packed Toolkit for Divi and WooCommerce

Uncover Divi WooCommerce Extended’s extensive modules and create a customized and responsive Divi e-Commerce store for your targeted customer group.


Divi Extensions For WooCommerce

Divi Wishlist Manager

Favorite Items Into Wishlist Now

Using the Wishlist Manager extension, you can implement the Wishlist functionality in your web store. Users will be able to see a Wishlist Icon on Product pages and product loops. This will allow them to quickly save items they want to purchase later. You can also build a custom page to display Wishlist products. Plus, customize the Wishlist button with the help of advanced options to use it to the fullest.

Effectively Customize Product Tabs with Divi WooCommerce Tab Manager

Provide more information about your products on their individual pages in customized tabs: show descriptions, instructions, technical specifications, reviews, and a lot more in a highly readable area. Rather than scrolling the page, users can easily find all the crucial details about the product by simply switching the tabs. It makes your store easier to explore, which improves both session duration and conversion rate.

Divi WooCommerce Tab Manager
Divi WooCommerce Checkout Page Manager

Customize Divi WooCommerce Checkout Pages with Easy to use Checkout Manager Extension

Introducing the WooCommerce checkout manager extension that will let you manage your input fields on the checkout page.

Add a Custom Product Page, a New Header, or a Footer Section, You Name a Library Layout, and It Can Create a Short Code of It

This simple and effective tool allows you to bring the best elements of your design to your Divi WooCommerce-based store without any complicated coding or third-party plugins. So, try our Divi Library Shortcodes extension today and take your website design to the next level!

Divi WooCommerce Shortcode Manager

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