WooCommerce Mini Cart Module For Divi

Provide your website customers and users with a fast and simplified method to view in-cart products directly from the page they’ve added. The WooCommerce Mini Cart module lets you display a cart icon on the site that simply allows users to do that. They can even do a lot more than view the products added to the cart without opening the cart page over and over.

Increase your conversion rate

Simplify The Purchase Process

With a cart icon created using the Mini Cart module, you save users time by providing them the ability to review cart subtotal; remove products, and visit the checkout page directly without opening the cart. It makes the process of adding products to the cart and checkout fast, easy, and super reliable.
Divi WooCommerce Mini Cart
Divi WooCommerce Mini Cart
Upgrade Your Store Experience

Complete Control Over The Cart Content

Improve Mini Cart’s content presentation with intuitive options that allow you to choose what you want to display in the cart view. Whether it’s Product Count, Thumbnail; Cart Subtotal, or even Checkout & View Cart Button. The module provides you with 9 display options to choose from to make Mini Cart as informative as possible.
Custom Icon That Compliments Your Store

Open Cart in Attractive Way

Keep it simple, or keep it lit; the module allows you to set when to open the cart with Click and On-Hover function. You can also choose to display the content in the Dropdown menu, Overlay, Off-Canvas, and even Modal window. In addition, to make the cart icon look suitable to your website’s nature, you can use custom icons that fuel your vision.
Divi WooCommerce Mini Cart

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Pale Green Flower Vase

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